Our goal is to make document redaction fast, easy and above all safe.

DocuMasker comprises software and services for masking information in documents. For example, disclosure of a public document often means that documents need to be masked or redacted for reasons of confidentiality or integrity. This is often a tedious process of printing, masking and scanning the documents to be distributed. Other solutions are based on documents with several layers where the information technically remains in the file and therefore risks being revealed if something goes wrong. Maybe you have seen first hand how information that should have been masked, have been disclosed.

With DocuMasker you create a completely new document file instead of creating masking in layers. So while your original file is unchanged, you have created a masked version that has never contained the redacted information.

If you want to get started at once, you can purchase your DocuMasker licenses in our shop.

If you want to use our DocuMasker service, you just buy a pass with as many maskings as you need. We offer several different options. You can even buy a multi user pass to share with your co-workers!

There is also a DocuMasker Server license if you want to install and run DM locally, set up as a service to be used by everybody in your organization. With your own server the licenses are indefinite and comes with a period of product support and free upgrades included. Just select the period that best meets your needs. The server can be accessed either by browser or client.

If you want to install and run DM locally but only for you, on your own computer, there is also a DocuMasker Client for which you can buy licenses for different periods. The client can also be used to access a server your organisation has set up, in which case the client doesn’t need a license as long as the server is licensed.